I Haven’t Been Lazy, I’ve Just Neglecting The Blog.

I haven't posted anything since July, 2023. Almost a year ago. Even though I didn't write about anything that hasn't stopped me from working on various projects. Here are some of those things.

Flipper Zero

I'm still playing with my Flipper Zero but not as much as when I first got it. I added the WiFi devboard and the Video Game module to my collection. I also bought the parts to build a Mayhem board but haven't assembled it yet. I want to have that ready by August for Defcon 32.

Defcon 32

I'm going to Defcon this year. I've wanted to go for years and I finally pulled the trigger.

3D Printer

I also got a 3D printer a few weeks ago that I've been having fun learning about. I got the A1 mini from Bambu Lab In addition to learning the how to physically print, I've been learning to digitally create. I've been playing a bit with FreeCad and trying some of my own designs rather than just printing downloaded files.


I tried to build a Pwnagotchi but never got it to work. I haven't given up yet. Once I have a bit of extra time I'll try again.


Meshtastic is my new jam. I bought my first node from someone on Etsy and after that I built two of my own. I made a few upgrades to the ones I built (better antennas, larger batteries, and GPS) and plan on building at least two more.

So these are the main things I've been messing with lately. I plan on writing about a few of these in the near future and posting more frequently.

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